Cellebrite Recorded Webinar:
Overcoming the Challenges of Locked and Encrypted Mobile Devices
Unlock evidence from locked and encrypted mobile devices
With the recent implementation of strong encryption by mobile device and operating system vendors, law enforcement investigators face a new challenge in their mission to obtain critical device evidence from leading smartphones.
In this webinar, you will see how two investigators leveraged Cellebrite's next generation CAIS unlocking solutions to unlock iPhones containing incriminating evidence needed to close high profile cases in the U.S. and Italy.
Learn more about:
How Dott. Mattia Epifani, Mobile Device Security Analyst with RE@LITY NET, obtained condemning evidence from a locked iPhone 5 in a very high-profile assault case in Italy.
How the Southern Oregon High-Tech Cyber Crimes Task Force teamed with CAIS experts to successfully unlock an iPhone 5S, revealing evidence that changed the course of a sexual assault investigation and prosecution.
Why CAIS can gain you access to previously inaccessible digital data and intelligence.
What forensically sound options are available to augment your agency skill sets so you can solve your most complex digital investigative challenges.
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