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Simplified Mobile Data Access in the Field to Speed Investigations

Mobile data evidence is transforming criminal investigations. Agencies need a line of attack to help forensics professionals with multi–tier investigative workflows

Cellebrite's UFED InField is the right tool to enable agencies the adoption of multi-tier mobile data acquisition. Join us to learn the advantages of adopting a multi-tier mobile forensic approach to optimize and leverage forensic capabilities, and the actual tools used by leading law agencies around the world.

In this 45-minute webinar, we'll share how to:
  • Extend mobile forensics investigation capabilities
  • Identify accurate, actionable data in less time
  • Optimize agency resources and streamline workflows
  • …and more.
Take advantage of this opportunity and register to learn how multi-tier investigative work flows enable you to decrease time to evidence, gain leads swiftly and effectively – ultimately, solve more crimes.
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10:00 AM CEST &
11:00 AM  EDT

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Avishai Shafir
Director Product Management, 
Mobile Forensics
With over 20 years of technical and product management experience, Avishai Shafir is a seasoned expert in software development, and product management. In his current role as Director of Product Management at Cellebrite, Avishai leads the strategy and development of the company’s UFED Series mobile forensics products.