Automated JTAG Extractions Decoding

4:30 AM UTC and 3:30 PM UTC
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COST: Free

The growing popularity of JTAG forensics requires a great deal of resources and investment to obtain raw data stored on the device's memory chip. Even when JTAG extractions are performed, the examiner faces an exhausting phase of attempting to transform the raw data into human interpretable evidence.

With the introduction of Cellebrite's decoding capabilities, examiners no longer have to manually decode or carve the large volume of extracted data and waste valuable investigation time.

Join us to learn about the UFED's innovative and first to market capabilities to automate the JTAG decoding process from a wide range of supported devices, enabling forensic examiners to save precious investigation time and resources.

This 45-minute session will give an overview of how you can take advantage of the UFED for JTAG decoding:
  • Gain access to a rich set of data to discover common artifacts, such as call log, SMS, media files, e-mails, chats and locations
  • Easily integrate the JTAG extractions into the UFED Physical Analyzer to draw accurate conclusions and report data
  • Drill down into the binary file's hex code through advanced search capabilities for finer grained information
  • Decode the extractions from the widest range of devices, including popular Samsung, HTC, and LG, using a series of automated plug-ins and chains
  • Q&A Session
No expensive add-on's or third party tools required.
Register today to learn about most efficient and cost-effective solution to decode and obtain forensically sound data from "bricked" devices.

About the Speaker:

Ronen Engler
Engineering Product Manager, Cellebrite USA

As Cellebrite USA’s Engineering Product Manager, Ronen Engler ensures that Cellebrite's forensics-focused R&D teams issue new features and releases to meet customer needs. Mr. Engler is an active speaker at regional and global industry events as well as a frequent presenter of Cellebrite's Mobile Forensics webinar series.


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