Insights and Lessons for Operators
An Ovum Report

Cellebrite is modernizing the repair landscape for the increasingly sophisticated mobile devices introduced on a near daily basis.  Diagnostic tools that work across all devices, operating systems, and points of customer interaction help operators and after-market service providers deliver the effective, consistent, omni-channel experiences their customers demand no matter where or when they encounter problems. Employing an effective mobile diagnostics solution that detects and corrects problems quickly and accurately preserves customer relationships and reduces labor expense and effort.
Ovum’s study, Solving Common Smartphone Woes – Insights and Lessons for Operators, analyses primary research from consumer surveys and interviews with executives at operators worldwide to identify emerging smartphone problems and quantify the impact they have on customer satisfaction, retention and operator profitability.  

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  • Over the last year, 7 out of 10 consumers experienced a problem with their smartphone
  • Problems with apps, malware, and other software-related issues have quadrupled as a percentage of all smartphone problems.
  • 1 out of every 4 calls to customer care are related to a performance issue with the customer’s mobile device.
  • Flashing and resetting phones to factory settings only temporarily remove symptoms of many software problems, leading to recurring problems and repair activity.
  • 12% of consumers who sought assistance with a problem from their mobile provider would not return to that operator to purchase their next device.
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