Bypassing Locked Devices: Learn How to Tackle
One of the Biggest Challenges in Mobile Forensics
06:00 AM UTC
5:30 PM UTC

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Pattern locks and passwords have been created to protect mobile phone user digital assets and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hard to crack even for forensic examiners. Attempting to gain access to a locked device is not an easy task, especially with a complex pattern locks or passcodes The only way in is by using advanced forensic tools and techniques.

Don't remain locked out from your evidence!
Join us for this live webinar to learn about the UFED's unrivalled capability to bypass locked phones and extract passwords from the biggest number of device profiles, including iOS, Nokia BB5 LG, HTC, Motorola, and other Android devices (insert a star stamp of 'Password extraction from 1,193 Android devices).

The UFED uses proprietary boot loaders to bypass all security mechanisms, even if the device is locked, without jailbreaking, rooting or flashing the device, also ensuring forensically sound device bypasses and data extractions.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn:  
  • Various methods to bypass locked devices
  • Physical extraction while bypassing any type of lock from 470 Android devices –  Exclusive support for HTC, Samsung and Motorola devices
  • Cellebrite's first to market capabilities for Samsung S4 family
  • Bypassing pattern locks from counterfeit phones and phones manufactured in China
  • How to use the extracted password to bypass other devices owned by the same person
  • How to run a plug-in that reveals pattern lock in Physical Analyzer
  • Live demo various methods for password extractions using the UFED
  • Q&A session
Register to discover how you can take advantage of the UFED to unlock the evidence you need for your case.    

About the Speaker:

Yuval Ben-Moshe
Senior Forensics Technical Director at Cellebrite
In this role, Mr. Ben-Moshe is acting as a subject matter expert for the company and a central knowledge hub, assuring the company's tight and intimate connection with the forensics community of law enforcement agencies worldwide.  In addition, Mr. Ben-Moshe is Cellebrite's primary speaker and representative with the long list of professional forums and conferences, sharing the company's innovative breakthroughs with the community, around the world. cutting-edge software systems and security.
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