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With 71% of people using their mobile device to access social media*, a wealth of personal information is uploaded onto these social networks that provide a goldmine of potential evidence. At Cellebrite, we understand this. And, more than that – we understand the importance of accelerating investigations, while producing evidence you can stand behind.

What should I expect from the
UFED Cloud Analyzer Trial?

UFED Cloud Analyzer will enable you to:
  • Provide timely extraction and forensic preservation of private social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - file storage and other cloud-based account content
  • Unify and Organize Disparate Data into a Common View
  • Share and Integrate Data for Further Analysis
  • …and much more…. give it a try!

*Source: Adobe 2015 Mobile Consumer Survey Results
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Disclaimer: Cellebrite Cloud Analyzer is available for use by authorized law enforcement agencies. By using Cellebrite’s Cloud Analyzer software, you covenant to Cellebrite that you will only use, or permit the use of, Cloud Analyzer software in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations or policies, and after having obtained any required consents, approvals, warrants or court orders, including without limitation from third party services whose data is analyzed by Cloud Analyzer.
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