Link Analysis: Identify Connections Between
 Suspects in Less Time
Learn how field investigators use Link Analysis to rapidly visualize key relationships between entities and identify the connections and communication methods between their mobile devices. Turn vast amounts of ever growing raw data into actionable intelligence in the critical early hours. Shorten investigation times and make operational plans faster and even more efficient. 

This 60-minute live webinar will show how Link Analysis:
  •  Reveals communication links between multiple mobile devices and their rich data sets, including mutual contacts, calls, SMSs, MMSs,emails, chats, application transactions, Bluetooth devices, locations, and more.
  • Enables better understanding of how entities are connected using visual data representations
  • Employs data filtering by time, date, number of contact times, and categories
  • Visualizes communication directions between entities, pinpointing bidirectional and unidirectional communications
  • Discovers if entities were at the same place at the same time
  • Drills down to specific events
  • Allows sharing of findings with colleagues and other  investigators
The webinar, including a Q&A session,  will present real world use case scenarios from a wide range of crime categories!

The session will also touch on key practical advanced topics such as Mutual and All Links Graphs, Entities Analytics, Timelines, Location Analytics, Advanced Filters, Project and Table Searches, Report Generation, Graph Snapshots, Project Management, Device Owner Data Management, and Data Sources.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Lee Papathanasiou
Forensics Solutions Specialist
Cellebrite USA Corp.


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